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Join us to save the unique
Märket Lighthouse!

The Finnish Lighthouse Society was founded to promote protection and preserving of the Finnish lighthouses and other maritime security signs as well as their cultural inheritage. The Society serves also as connecting bond between lighthouse enthusiasts and represents Finland in the international lighthouse associations.

Lighthouses have become useless for navigation. At worst in Finland, these useless lighthouses have been shut down and left alone with nature. Even at this moment, one of our old lighthouses, maybe the most unique - Märket - waits for its rescuers.

The Finnish Lighthouse Society aims at making the situation of threatened lighthouses known in public and to secure their future. Also, the valuable stone marks and other smaller lights of archipelago and lakes, need preserving. Through its connections, the Finnish Lighthouse Society can arrange trips to lighthouses and lighthouse islands behind difficult seaways both in Finland and abroad. As members benefit you get also high quality published and other materials at members price.
  • Founded in 2003
  • More than 900 members all over Finland
  • Important co-operation partners: eg. Finnish Maritime Administration
  • International connections

Contact email

P.O. Box 38
00101 Helsinki